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Settlements & Annuities
B & B Commercial Loan Brokers is a nationwide purchaser of structured court settlements and annuities. Structured settlements are agreements to make a number of payments over time in order to release a liability. The outcome of a lawsuit can result in a settlement placed in the form of an annuity which is paid over a certain period of time.

We can offer cash to annuitants for their remaining payments. We structure our transactions based on client's specific financial requirement and only acquire the portion of their payment stream that's necessary for them to fulfill those needs.

We can purchase:
  • All future payments
  • A specified amount of payments
  • A portion of any payment

  • A structured settlement or annuity may have been offered as a result of an:
  • Auto accident
  • Medical malpractice
  • Workers compensation
  • Wrongful death
  • Others

  • * indicates required information

    Personal Information

    Contact Person:

    Note Holder/Applicant  Broker  Other:



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    Payment Information

    Payment Type:
    (if other, please explain below)


    I receive:


    Payments of:


    Date first payment received:


    Date of final payment:


    Periodic Lump Sum Payments Due:



    Name of the insurance company or state/agency making payments to you:

    Any Additional Comments or Information: (Such as how many payments you want to sell, amount you want to receive, etc.)


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