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 In some cases we can get rates  ½  to 1.5% lower then some banks We offer - Integrity, Quick Service, the Ability to Produce.  We can arrange financing through Continental USA functioning as intermediary between the borrower and the B & B Commercial Loan Brokers can arrange loans through banks,  savings and loans, life companies, pension funds and private  individuals.  

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Loan Amounts

 Loan Amounts:  

$100,000  and up for commercial real                                                            estate  projects with preference to $250,000 and up deals. Asset based business                                                            loans of  $250,00 and up. 

Loan Purpose:  

Refinance, acquisition, expansion,                                        construction.  

 Types of Properties:
                                                 Income producing properties, i.e.                                                  apartments, office buildings, shopping centers, medical, hotel/motel, retail,                                                  mobile home parks, health care, mixed-use etc. Unique properties i.e. gas                                                  stations/convenience, dry cleaners, restaurants, repair shops, funeral homes,                                                  taverns, day care, golf courses, ranches/farms, self storage, churches etc.  Funding, forward, commitments, standby commitments, bridge loans, joint venture, SBA loans, partner buyout, hard money loans. 


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